Eye Care Center celebrates 40 years serving the region

The Eye Care Center, a leading independent eye care provider offering medical and preventative services, is celebrating 40 years as one of the region’s most favored ophthalmology clinics.

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Hidden in Plain Site: Sugar and Smoking are Disturbingly Similar

Despite the expanding epidemic of diabetes and obesity in adults and now children largely linked to excessive sugar, there has been no change in how children learn to eat or a broad public consensus understanding of why it is detrimental and needs to change.

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Contact Lens Health

Contact Lens Health Week is August 24th -28th and it is the perfect time to discuss the importance of proper contact lens hygiene.

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Welcome to the Eye Care Center

The Eye Care Center is an independent eye clinic group dedicated to provide personalized medical eye care, quality eyewear, unsurpassed customer service and a commitment to the communities we serve.

A Team Approach to Eye Care

The doctors at the Eye Care Center are providers of primary eye care services. All of our doctors of optometry are certified in treatment and management of eye disease with medication. This means our doctors treat most eye conditions most of the time. Whether it is glaucoma, an eye infection, a foreign object lodged in the eye, ocular allergies or simply a preventative eye exam, you can trust the treatment your eye condition to the doctors at the Eye Care Center.

There may come a time, however, when your eye condition may require the services of a doctor with highly specialized skills. The Eye Care Center doctors maintain a close working relationship with fellowship trained ophthalmologists with sub-specialty expertise in the areas of refractive surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, corneal surgery, ocular neurological disease, retinal disease, pediatric surgery and oculoplastic surgery. These eye surgeons uphold the team approach to eye care and co-manage these patients with the Eye Care Center doctors.

Probably the most important person in the team approach to eye care is you. You can greatly enhance the success of the eye care team by following these recommendations and by having regular preventative eye examinations.